Saturday, May 15, 2010


“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

Do you ever feel alone?
When you walk in christian faith God promises you are not alone.
What an incredible promise that is.

Sometimes life just beats us up, sometimes we feel forgotten. This is what moved  me to start this blog, to share sadness, happiness and uplift woman no matter who you are. We all go through loneliness in our lives.
I am here to say you are not alone, I feel for you, you are beautiful, you are worthy and you are loved.
Take a deep breath and repeat those words out loud to yourself.
Open your eyes and heart to something beautiful ~ a new blossomed flower, a bird, the blue sky or a child's smile. Take a deep breath. I want you to feel better.
Take one minute at a time, take one day at a time.Calm your heart and quiet your mind. You are unique.
See the greatness in life that surrounds you. God has incredible love for you.
There is so much great beauty in yourself and life - go find it now.


  1. hi just want to say i read your ad i am a christian 43 of age female 27 yr marriage 5 great girls our kids together im dealing with problems in marriage caused by husband yr after yr and all the pain and now it all lead to a deep depression in my life i dont have anyone to lean on no family no friends im not in love with husband any more im just living the moment i cant get out of,we are very low income trying to survive,please pray for me,my family thank you.bobbi

  2. Wow! You inspired me so much! It has touched my heart! I am so thankful for your blog!

  3. wow! it touch my heart made me tear! To some of these feelings are some true to me. thank u for sharing with me. hope we can continue to share with others women!

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog!
    Thanks for sharing and opening your heart!
    Love you...

  5. i read the first post by anonymous. i understand problems in marriage. i know the terrible feeling of the depression that comes with it. thanks for sharing.

  6. "You are unique.
    See the greatness in life that surrounds you. God has incredible love for you."

    Just thought you might want to be reminded of this today since you encourage the rest of us. Praying for you guys. We love you and can't wait to watch the video of this weekend online. We couldn't be there! So bummed. Glad to hear that God is using you and Don's lives though to help others. :-)


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