Friday, May 21, 2010

~ ♥ ♥ My Comfort List ~ What Is Yours? ♥ ♥ ~

  1. Christian Music                                      
  2. Cup of Tea or Coffee
  3. Bubble Bath
  4. Connection to Friends on Cafemom
  5. Talking with My Daughters
  6. Chocolate
  7. Walking
  8. Nature
  9. Hug from Hubby
  10. Holding One Of My Grand kids
  11. Meditating
  12. Prayer
and not in that order!

There are moments in your life when you just need something for yourself.
You work hard and have given until you can't give anymore and it is simply time for you.
You are beautiful, caring, thoughtful.
What an amazing woman you are !!
Now you deserve some pampering.
We all lead such busy lives that we tend to forget
what we need to be our best and we forget "us".
Now take a moment and write your own comfort list and then choose
1 thing on your list and do it- because in that moment
it's OK to be all about you.
You are important
You deserve it.
You'll be celebrating the wonderful woman you are.

~ ~ Hugs ~ ~


  1. Hello Sue! I'm new to the Charleston area and love the positive message of your new blog. I found you on craiglist in Charleston, SC. I posted your info on my facebook page. I have almost 1000 friends @ "Janelle Marlie Lysbeth Cwik" and almost 100 on my new website "Phoenix Life Coaching" on Facebook. Feel free to contact me @ I'm proud to be your first "friend". Women need to bond together :) If you are in the area, I suggest you join "The Women's Center". It's $35 for the whole year with lots of networking and encouragement for women. Or call me and be a client or a new friend:) 843 642 2447

  2. What an encouraging post and something I so needed to read today! I love the Comfort List!

  3. After I panic for a few seconds, my goal is to focus back on Jesus. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed. But, he is my comfort for sure.

    Steve's arms
    Holding my babies
    Talking with my other babies. :-)
    Someday I hope to become a runner. I have always wanted to run. I think that would be the ultimate comfort...after my Lord of course. Running and praying. That seems like heaven to me.


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