Wednesday, June 2, 2010

~ ~ What Is Your Desire(s) In Life ? ~ ~

I wanted to put that out to everyone because
it is such an important question.
Has anyone ever asked about your dreams?
No one has ever asked me and you know it
is funny that we tend to do alot of talking in a
day but how often do we really try to listen
and get to know someone?

I hope that you all will think about this
and maybe ask someone close to you.

If you are moved to writing your own desires out,
then I encourage you to do so, it helps put a lot of
perspective on things that are important to you as well.

Have a blessed week ♥


  1. You know years ago in our church and I mean decades ago - we saw a series with Joyce Meyers and I remember them. Especially the one about people shooting arrows in you and how to take them out - in fact I blogged about it a week or so ago.

    I am heading out of town for two weeks so I guess I can't enter your giveaway - I'd like too.

    I'll get with you when I get back.


  2. What a beautiful blog...Beautiful in it's decor and best of all, beautiful in it's intent !!! May God richly bless you for your inspiration and commentment to this venture!!


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